Sunday, February 21, 2016
      2:30 pm     

Norma Meyer - Michal Schmidt

Norma Meyer, who has played numerous times for MRM, will return with “double threat” Michal Schmidt, a brilliant player of both the violoncello and the piano. They will perform music for ’cello and piano and conclude with one of Schubert's major piano duets.

Norma Meyer

Michal Schmidt,
violoncello and piano

As usual, all concerts are on Sundays at 2:30 pm at our house. And, of course, the hat will be passed at the conclusion of each recital, all proceeds going to the artists.

Please sign up before concert day. We need to know how many chairs to set up, as well plan for the famous intermission goodies. And our agreement with Commercial Township does not allow walk-ups on concert day.



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